With a history dating back to 1961, Mekser is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary today. Initially manufacturing basic components and providing service to the industry, Mekser became one of the main pillars of petroleum industry by manufacturing the very first fuel dispenser of the region in 1976. Unlike many of its local and regional competitors, Mekser has always been a fully integrated manufacturer capable of producing its own hydrolic and electronic units.

Many innovations such as the first mechanical and later electronic dispensers were brought to market by Mekser. Likewise, we have been the first one to implement fuel station automation systems in Turkey. Consequently, Mekser has been repeatedly named “the school of petroleum industry in Turkey”, even by its main competitors. Together with its sister brand Petposan (acquired in 2009), roughly 50 % of all dispensers currently working in Turkey carry our signature.


All MEKSER A.Ş. employees must be aware of the rights and responsibilities of Health, Security, Safety and Environment. Successful achievement in the areas of health, safety and security of our employees are crucial for the success of our business. The safety and security of our business we run for ourselves and customers and work environment from property point of view are as important as the nature, quality of the goods produced and delivering them on time. In this regard, all necessary trainings will be provided on time and performance evaluations will be performed accordingly.

The tools and equipment will be maintained aready for you at any time needed for a proper management of work security and safety.

Design, Durability, Determination…

Creating attractive designs along with durability is the main philosophy behind our thinking.

Determination to protect people & environment.

Mekser will always assure that its customers will get these superior benefits with reasonable prices..