The high hose design can be used effectively due to the absence of a complicated retracting mechanism. This simplicity is especially vital during subzero working temperatures to eliminate potential freezing of mechanisms. Likewise, the optional heater for electronic cabin enables accurate visibility of LCD displays. The Arcadia Line can be optionally specified with complete stainless steel body.

Options that add value to FUNCTION;
– Retailing will continue uniterrupted even in extreme low weather conditions, thanks to automatic electronic cabin heater system.
– The dispenser can serve for both fuel and LPG customers on the same island with LPG-COMBO option.
– Commercial vehicles can get the Urea solution in the same island without any time loss with DEF-COMBO option.

Technicial Specifications

Model Type Product Nozzles Filling
M611 Suction / Pressure 1 2 2
M622 Suction / Pressure 2 4 2
M633 Suction / Pressure 3 6 2
M644 Suction / Pressure 4 8 2
M655 Suction / Pressure 5 10 2
Multimedia 19″ LED
Electronic Unit Heat Element 300W
Stainless Steel Columns SS 304 – SS 316
Vapour Recovery Stage II
Combo DEF, LPG
Z Swivel 3/4”, 1”
High Efficiency 70, 120 lt /min


Technical Data Sheet