“MEKSER Premium” Type-approval certified air-water unit is a fully automatic digital system that can increase or decrese the air pressure of the tire according to the user’s request.

“MEKSER Premium” general features;

– Easy to use, fast and precise.
– Display screen 3-digit, 1 “LCD panel, self-illuminated, blue backlight.
– Air pressure in Psi / Bar.
– Pressure accuracy ± 0.01 bar = 0.15 psi.
– Design suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
– Automatic adaptation to mains supply 90-240 VAC.
– Impact resistant, suitable for outdoor weather conditions, metal and waterproof programming buttons life span 10 million press.
– The maximum input pressure (from the air compressor) is 13.8 Bar = 200 PSI.
– Maximum tire inflation caliber pressure is 11.0 Bar = 160 PSI.
– Operating at temperatures between -40 oC and + 80 oC.
– SMB technology electronic control board.
– Automatic start for consecutive tire fillings.
– Water and particulate filter at the air supply inlet with automatic water discharge.
– 10 mt. Spiral air/water hoses.
– High quality water nozzle and air chuck.
– Body with galvanized sheet metal painted with electrostatic baked paint.
-Modular design for easy service and maintenance.


Technical Data Sheet