PetBlue (DEF-Urea Solution)

“Diesel Exhaust Fluid or Urea Solution, also known as *AdBlue®; is a mixture produced by adding demineralized water to the cleaned urea. It reduces nitric oxide (85%) and soot particles (40%) excretion in diesel vehicles. *AdBlue® and SCR technologies have begun to be used in many of today’s increasingly popular diesel vehicles.

Mekser PetBlue® dispensers are manufactured according to international standards and carry OIML and MID Certificates. The dispenser is specially equipped for high oxidation risks and to operate at extreme low temperatures.

* AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the German Association of Automotive Industry VDA (Verband Der Automobilindustrie).”

Technicial Specifications

Model Type Product Nozzles Filling
M1 Suction 1 1 1
Electronic Unit Heat Element 300W
Electronic Nozzle Heat Element 15 W / m
Nozzle Automatic Stainless Steel


Technical Data Sheet