“The future has its traditions, too…”

We can imagine how many similar designs you have seen on the market. Many copies of the same thing everywhere… It’s time for a change! Combining the functionality of classic high-hose design with newly found elegant lines around the electronic cabin, the Phantom series will definitely
bring fresh air and more customers to your site.

Check the curvy keyboard which uses the same design language as the rest of the dispenser. It will be a pleasure for Mekser to provide you with attractive designs at a reasonable cost.

Technicial Specifications

Model Type Product Nozzles Filling
M1MPP Suction / Pressure 1 2 2
M2MPP Suction / Pressure 2 2 2
M4MPP Suction / Pressure 2 4 2
M6MPP Suction / Pressure 3 6 2
M8MPP Suction / Pressure 4 8 2
M10MPP Pressure 5 10 2
Multimedia Day Light LCD Panel 19″ LED
Electronic Unit Heat Element 300W
Stainless Steel Columns SS 304 – SS 316
Vapour Recovery Stage II
Combo DEF, LPG
Z Swivel 3/4″,1″
High Efficiency 70, 120 lt /min


Technical Data Sheet